I love this salad. It takes a bit of work but it is worth the effort. When you buy a Ceasar salad it often comes with a couple of bits of lettuce, croutons, bacon and chicken and not much else. This recipe just elevates that to the “more is better” level. It also has a higher fibre content and with the variety of vegetables, it increases the health benefits.

Choosing low fat Ceasar dressings will help reduce the kilojoule content as well as using as little oil as you can manage.

When I make this recipe, I spray some oil into the frying pan while it is heating up. I then add more spray oil onto the uncooked side of the chicken before I turn it over. Doing it this way just reduces the amount of oil used. As oils contain a lot of kilojoules per gram (37kJ/g), it is better to have less.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Any respectful feedback is welcome.

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