I have explored quite a few flavour combinations with porridge over the past couple of years and in most cases, I have really enjoyed them. This one though, has got to be one of my all time favourites. I was just looking for some variety and thought of trying ginger. I first added too much and there was a bit of mouth on fire going on. I also was looking for something to add a bit of sweetness to the mix. Thus the figs. Dates were another potential option I was thinking of. Unfortunately, both of these are high FODMAP foods which are not suitable for anyone trialling FODMAP’s for IBS. If you have completed the FODMAP diet and don’t react to Fructans, Fructose or Sorbitol, you should be able to enjoy this porridge. The apple is high in fructose and sorbitol.

Often people that react to one of the FODMAP’s can tolerate small serve sizes of that FODMAP. If you have IBS issues and have worked out your friendly FODMAP’s versus those you need to avoid, also be aware that most people have a threshold of their problem FODMAP which means they can tolerate small amounts of it. So you may be able to tolerate small amounts as long as you aren’t having lots of small amounts of the same FODMAP’s and thus going over your tolerance threshold. This is something you can work out with your dietitian’s help.

Back to the porridge. I love meals which tick off a few food groups. This one is excellent for that. I always have some fruit with my porridge, so that’s a serve of fruit covered. ✅

Then there is the serve of wholegrain (oats) ✅, about 1 serve of dairy with the milk and yoghurt ✅ and finally a serve of meat alternative in the nuts ✅ . So four out of five food groups kicking off the day, is a great start.

Also having a healthy and nutritious breakfast is a good way to reduce the unhealthy snacking that can creep in later in the day, as you are not starving yourself.

As this is a high fibre meal, you will need to be mindful of drinking enough water. Low water or fluids intake can still lead to constipation even with a high fibre diet. Another point to note is that if you are not used to some of these foods, you may find you need to gradually introduce them to reduce gas and bloat issues.

I hope you enjoy this breakfast option. Let me know what you think. I love to hear from readers.

Fig & Ginger Porridge – it’s a winner!