Have you ever tried fish tacos? I was pleasantly surprised by their flavour. They aren’t really a Mexican version, so it really should be called something catchy like “fish and salad in a wrap”. Actually, fish tacos is sounding quite good .

I adapted this recipe from Marley Spoon. I did enjoy the recipes from Marley Spoon, but not all the ingredients were to my liking. Plus they don’t use enough vegetables typically. So, for now I am not using them, but I still have the recipe cards. And this one was a favourite. You will see in the picture that I didn’t use multi-grain tortillas. This was a mistake! I had some gluten free wraps I thought I would use up and they were terrible! The taste and the texture. They broke apart in our hands. They made a nice picture though .

One thing that Marley Spoon provided with this recipe was Basa fish fillets. This is a type of catfish from what I can tell. I would prefer to support Australian fishing and Barramundi is so good in Australia! So it was Barra fish tacos for us.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can do a quicker version if you buy the pre-cut coleslaw at the supermarket. I already had red cabbage and carrot to use up, so I made my own in the Thermomix. Hand cutting is fine or if you have a mandolin, and you don’t mind a few nicks from the blades, you can quickly make it that way as well. Just kidding – kind of. I used some mayonnaise on the tortilla, but in future I will try using greek yoghurt with some Dijon mustard and lemon juice for a healthier option. It turns out a bit like mayo without all the oil. Otherwise use a low fat mayonnaise.

This really is quick, so give it a go!

fish tacos