It is very rare that I would have breakfast without adding some fruit and yoghurt. That goes for French toast as well. If I was having a savoury breakfast – like egg on toast I wouldn’t have the fruit and yoghurt 😆. But mostly I do.

French toast can be made healthy as well as most other meals. Start with a good quality bread. I mean multigrain, low GI or a sourdough. The more grains and fibre, the better.

Next, combine your egg with some lovely spices – nutmeg and cinnamon are my regulars, but ground cloves would give it a nice flavour as well. Hmm, maybe a Christmas French toast coming up 🤓. Next I add some vanilla and give the egg combo a good mix until it is all combined.

After dunking the bread in the egg mix, cook in a light spray of extra virgin olive oil. It is better to stay away from butter except occasionally. It isn’t going to alter the flavour too much and with all the spices and toppings you really won’t notice the difference.

Once you have cooked the soaked bread on both sides, it’s just a matter of choosing your toppings. I enjoy berries and mango the most. But pear, kiwi fruit and banana would all be nice as well. Maybe some cherries with the Christmas themed French Toast would be interesting 🤔.

When it comes to yoghurt, there are a few things to look for. Firstly it will depend if you are managing any health issues like cholesterol or trying to lose weight. If you are watching what you eat for cholesterol, choose a yoghurt with added probiotics. I’m not talking about the levels of good bacteria that all yoghurt has. I’m talking about the ones with the added probiotics. Some of these have a bacteria added that is has good evidence around its benefits for lowering the bad cholesterol. If you are trying to lose weight, choose a low fat option. I would also suggest not getting a yoghurt with added sugars. Naturally occurring sugar in fruit and milk is ok. It’s the added sugar that is better to have less of.

Speaking of sugar, I do like a small dash of maple syrup on my fruit and yoghurt if the fruit is not very sweet. Mango is definitely sweet enough and so is banana and pear. But sometimes berries can be a bit tart. So go easy on the maple, but enjoy some if you prefer it.

That’s it. A nice, tasty, healthy French Toast. I hope you enjoy it!

french toast