I love my hamburgers! They just have such a special treat feel to them. Unfortunately the fast food industry has made the burger into something that I would not recommend to my worst enemy!

Why are fast food burgers a problem?

There are quite a few answers to this question. I don’t want to go on forever, so I will just do a summary.

Fast food hamburger and chips.

  1. The buns – when the buns are made they remove all the goodness from them. Healthy grains are whole grains. Fast food buns have had the fibre removed, the germ (this is where most of the nutrients in a grain live) removed and sugar and salt added in, with the perfect combination to make you want to come back for more.
  2. The salad is minimal. On a home-made burger you can top it up with as much salad as you like. Keeping a good intake of vegetables is important so pile on the salad!
  3. The meat is full of saturated fats and if Jamie Oliver is correct they use the worst meat they can source as it is cheap. Plus they add in chemical power to preserve it and kill everything.
  4. They offer chips and soft-drinks on the side and make it affordable to do so. Chips are ok on occasion, but definitely not good for your health. They are a filler food and the salt, fat and crunch combination is such a feel good combination that we want to eat lots of them. Soft-drink is also bad for our health and our teeth.
Why home-made is better?
  1. You can use healthy buns with lots of wholegrain. These will help you feel fuller for longer and provide some essential vitamins which our body needs.
  2. You can use quality low fat meat. this means you will avoid a lot of saturated fats which are a big concern for heart health.
  3. You can pile on the salad. This helps you meet your fibre needs and your vitamin and mineral needs.
  4. You can add fermented foods which help provide good bacteria to your gut which has many flow on benefits.
  5. You can avoid preserved meats such as bacon if you choose. I love bacon as much as the next non-vegetarian/vegan person. But the health risks are high in having it. So unless you don’t have it very often, it is better to not have it.
  6. You can sneak in some extra veggies or beans – improving the fibre and vitamin & mineral content.

That is my quick summary of the humble burger. You may have your own hamburger recipe that you love. If you stick with the few basic tips I have shared here, you can still have your burger and eat it!