A lot of people these days settle for the quick takeaway fix after a big day of work or fun. I can totally understand that sentiment and would probably choose that option more often if I didn’t have a good plan in place to reduce the chances of this happening.

This recipe is one of those ones that you can go to when you need a quick meal. It will take you not much longer to make than it would take to go to the shops to order something. Plus it is very tasty. You can also be sure that it will be benefiting your health, while a lot of takeaway options are quite unhealthy and when you are hungry it is a lot harder to choose the healthier takeaway options.

For this recipe, use lean chicken breast or tenderloins. Make sure you buy a lovely grainy roll. You can use a quick mayo substitute that I have put in the recipe to reduce unwanted added fats that mayo tends to have a lot of. A nice variety of veg will add to your fibre, vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient intake – all with a variety of health benefits. Cheese will boost your daily calcium requirements if you are a bit short on this.

The other thing I like to add to this chicken burger is some short-cut bacon. A word on bacon. It is not a food that is regularly used in our household, despite how much we enjoy it. It has been recognised by many studies to have a negative impact on our health, including increasing our risk of cancer and heart disease. So use it sparingly and when you do, try to remove as much fat as you can and buy the shortcut variety as it comes with the fat removed and thus removes the temptation to eat the fat (for those of us who enjoy it).

I have not included bacon in the recipe as it is nice without it as well. If you are a regular bacon consumer, I would not use it for this recipe. If you, like me, have bacon on the rare occasion, this might be one of those occasions.

Whatever you choose, I hope you find this a helpful and tasty recipe for those nights you need a quick meal.

Harissa Chicken Burger