I found this recipe at CookEatWorld.com and just upped the anti a bit with the vegetables. It is a great recipe full of vegetarian/vegan proteins and lots of antioxidants, whole grains and plenty of vegetables. On top of that, it has mushrooms – the fungi of the show.

I am new to freekeh, but it is apparently just wheat picked a bit earlier and thus might have a greater nutritional load. It still contains gluten so a quick swap to brown rice will solve this for the gluten free folks.

Having a meal that is high in antioxidants, has plenty of micronutrients, is well balanced in terms of carbohydrate rich, vs protein, vs healthy fats, and high in fibre – great for your gut health (not low FODMAP sorry – I may have to work on a version of this to cater for the IBS crew ) will benefit your health no end! Do this daily (not this recipe, but a diet rich in these things) and you will prevent or reduce your risk of chronic diseases as well as benefiting your brain health, significantly.

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoy this vegan/vegetarian meal as much as I did.

mediterranean freekeh pilaf with chickpeas