Healthy Nasi Goreng – Chicken Fried Rice

I do love a good fried rice. I found this one at Recipe Tin Eats by Nagi and have made a few modifications to make it healthier. Fried rice is typically notoriously high in oil, thus the fried name. I have found that it doesn’t need as much oil as is normally recommended and that you can use a healthy oil without too many flavour changes.

Another thing I love about Nasi Goreng is that it is a one pot meal and it is great as leftovers. The down side is that you have to prepare the rice the day before typically, as the rice needs to dry out a bit before it is used. So that takes a bit of fore thought and planning – which I do advocate for anyway in having a healthy diet. Nagi does give tips on how to do a short preparation for the rice which just involves placing it in the fridge or freezer depending on the amount of time you have before you need it. So give that a go if you forgot to pre-cook the rice. I tend to put the rice on paper towel on a tray, in the fridge if I forgot to do it the day before. But I will put it in the freezer if it is late in the day and I need it that evening.

Another point to note is that with the vegetables it is a good idea to add them after the rice has been browned. If you cook them earlier, you end up with a lot of liquid in the pan which makes frying the rice more difficult.

Have a go and let me know if you enjoyed it!

nasi goreng