I love the colours of this meal! It tastes as good or better than it looks as well.

Ramen is more than noodles. I know that you can get ramen noodles with a sachet of flavours from the supermarket and voila you have a quick ramen soup. I just want to say that this is really not a healthy meal. Adding a variety of veggies is the main key to making this healthy. If you can’t be bothered with the veggie prep, consider buying frozen veg or pre cutting your veg when you are already cutting veg and storing it in a container in the fridge ready for ramen day!

If you would rather have a vegetarian ramen, easy! Just don’t add the beef and consider marinating some firm tofu or tempeh. You can then fry it up in a similar way that you would cook the steak. Cut it into large slabs for cooking and just cube it before putting it into your ramen soup. It reduces the work involved in cooking it.

For gluten free noodles, try some soba noodles. The gluten free version are made from buckwheat which is gluten free. Unfortunately they are not as easy to find as you would think. The supermarket soba noodles seem to have wheat flour as well, so be careful if you have coeliac disease.

If you want to simplify this recipe even more, just use the 2 minute noodle ramen packet with the flavours added. It won’t be as nice and you will get a bunch of preservatives from the packet of flavours, but do add veggies at least. You can either just put the veggies on top of the soup after everything is cooked or throw them into the soup to cook them slightly before serving. Either option is fine.

Another time saver is to use left-over meat from another meal. If you do this, you could cook the mushrooms in the saucepan you use to boil the eggs after they are cooked, to save on pans. Or use dehydrated mushrooms and break them up through the soup. These will add some great umami (savoury) flavours. Another flavour boost is to use nori. You can serve this on the side or break it into the broth. You will get some great omega 3’s in this.

Speaking of omega 3’s, free range chicken eggs, and pasture raised beef are both great sources.

If you make this meal, I would love to hear any feedback or modifications that you made.

Quick beef ramen