Lamb roast is a real treat. But personally I think that the slow cooked version rivals it due to the tenderness of the meat. I’m not advocating for lamb on a regular basis, as it can be quite fatty and easy to eat too much of. But on those occasions where you have decided to indulge a bit, this recipe is pretty tasty.

Health Tips

The first tip I would give for having a lamb roast is to make sure you have small plates to serve onto if you are trying to have small serve sizes. When trying to reach your health goals, especially if they relate to healthy eating, you can still have delicious food, just make sure the portions are in line with the healthy plate model, shown below.

I also like a slow cooked lamb because I can add all the veggies to the one pot. Less washing up is always welcome! The downside of this is that the veggies have more saturated fats on and in them due to cooking with the meat juices. So if you are not doing this very often, and I don’t recommend doing it very often, then adding it all in to the pot is ok. But if you want to make it healthier, cook the veggies separately. Roast your starchy veg in the oven and steam your other veggies lightly.

Your starchy veg count in the whole grains area of the plate model. So a small serve of no more than a quarter of your plate. The other quarter should be your healthy protein (in this case the lamb) and half the plate should be non-starchy veg. This will give you less calories and a balanced amount of nutrients.

Gravy is delicious but is often high in fat. So have it in moderation or swap to the mint sauce for lamb.


Slow Cooked lamb with veg