Greek food has to be one of the most flavour full foods around! I am obviously a big fan. I don’t claim to be a Greek cook at all, but I found this recipe a few years back and have used it many times due to the fabulous flavours. It is also fresh, and easy to make. A light meal for warm or not so warm days.

You really don’t need a lot of meat in this dish, so stick to the guidelines of around 100g per person. I think it is the salad with the tzatziki that really makes this meal shine. I’m not sure how you could make it vegan, but you could make it vegetarian! For vegan you would need a substitute for the yoghurt, maybe a soy yoghurt and a substitute for the feta like a firm tofu, but it wouldn’t have the flavour. I think a sprinkle of toasted pepitas instead of the meat would be nice though, and throw some lentils into the salad. In fact, lentils would be a great addition for non-vegan/vegetarians as well! As a society, we definitely need more legumes in our diet and less meat.

I have made this meal with a large handful of baby spinach or rocket when I haven’t had enough parsley to spare. So it is quite a versatile recipe.

Remember that fibre is your friend, so use a wholemeal pita pocket and plenty of salad.

I hope you enjoy it.

souvlaki pita pockets