Yes you can do a quick nachos and it can still be healthy!

When life gets busy, nachos just ticks some of those craving boxes. But make it healthy and you won’t be regretting it for days.

To make a basic nachos, put some tinned tomatoes in a saucepan. Throw in some left-over meat or tinned chickpeas, black beans or kidney beans and a half tablespoon of Mexican chilli powder. Heat until simmering.

While the sauce is simmering, cut up some salad – tomato, lettuce, carrot and grate some cheese. Make a guacamole (very quick to make).

Put a handful of corn chips on your plate, top with the tomato chilli sauce and cheese. Heat this in the microwave briefly or under a grill. Top with salad and guacamole. Done.

This is my third Nachos recipe. Anyone would think I like nachos .

Remember with avocado that it has a high fat content and therefore a high calorie/kilojoule load. In other words, go light on the guaca.

speedy nachos