A Mediteranean dish to spice up your night!

I love these (almost) one pot recipes! This is another recipe that I have made vegetable modifications with. It is a full flavoured pasta dish which makes adding the vegetables an easy choice. The flavours remain as rich and delicious but with that extra nutrition and fibre boost you get from the vegetables. I also recommend wholemeal pasta to go with it. The more fibre, the better for your health.

This recipe was originally based on turkey mince. After doing some research around the fat content of turkey mince, I discovered that it is quite high in fat – UNLESS you buy the turkey Breast mince which is incredibly low in fat. So if the Turkey breast mince is available and a reasonable price, I would recommend using that. Otherwise chicken mince is a nice substitute.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and any modifications you have made!

Spicy Turkey Pasta